Little Owl II (Passing Time) in Bronze

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Little Owl II   (Passing Time)
This is the first of the Little Owl series in bronze.

For Little Owl II (Passing time) I started with my own image of what a little owl looks like and represents. I believe Little Owl II embodies their pensiveness. This is a wise little owl.




The base is detachable so the Little Owl […]

Bronze Walnut Sculpture

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Walnut v Brain
Do you ever find the same form in two entirely different parts of nature? I am continually amazed by the variety of shapes and colours around us, yet I often also notice similarity, which provokes deep reflection. Natural objects derive their form out of functionality, and they also happen to be beautiful. I […]

Bronze Cut Apple Sculpture

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Cut Apple
The ultimate temptation?

Nature’s objects are so often beautiful, this is something often acknowledged. It occurred to me however that we do not always consider how pleasing they can appear when modified. For instance, an apple that has been cut open is transformed from one object of beauty into another.






The intricate patina of the bronze […]

Bronze Ballet Dancer (Grand Jeté)

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Ballet Dancer  (Grand Jeté )
Sculpture is so often about form, but with the ballet dancer I had the opportunity to explore movement too. What better than a ballet dancer, their form and movement is absolutely exquisite? This is a sculpture that I love to watch, it ignites my imagination.




Length: 65cm x Height: 59cm x Width: […]