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Male Hare – The Chaser – Bronze Resin

Category: Outdoor bronze resin sculptures –  animals – male hare

The hare is a wonderful creature, wild and untameable. When you see them running you can’t help but think these animals were purposefully engineered to be fast. Seeing their bodies lengthen and then shorten so majestically and so rapidly is an amazing sight. They use their speed to survive, whether it is to run away from danger, or in this case, to chase a mate.



The two bronze resin Hares are available as a pair or separately.


The Male Hare is a bronze resin.

Depth : 60cm x Height: 29cm x Width: 18cm

Depth: 24″ x Height: 11″ x Width: 7″   approx.

Weight: 3 kg approx.

Marie Shepherd

Marie ShepherdMarie Shepherd has always been fascinated with forms and movement and this reflects so well in her sculptures. She likes to explore various facets of sculpture from the sensitivity and dynamism of the human form to humour in animals or the pleasing shape of fruits.

She draws a lot of her inspiration from the wildlife around her.

The edition is limited to 50.


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