Sculpture Description

Little Owl IV (I spy)

I had come across a few images of little owls looking downwards in this way, displaying their curious and shrewd side that we commonly attribute to them. Something has attracted his attention, his prey perhaps. But rather than looking threatening, the little owl’s stance here makes his body rounder and even more endearing. The last thing you have in your mind is him swooping down to catch his lunch. It’s a contradiction that I like.

The Little Owl is a bronze resin, the base is oak.

Depth : 23cm x Height: 20cm x Width: 11cm

Depth: 9″ x Height: 7.9″ x Width: 4.3″   approx.

Weight: 2.2 kg approx.

The edition is limited to 50.

If you are interested in buying this sculpture, please contact me.