Sculpture Description

Little Owl I (Stretching a wing)

I find little owls so charming. I set about a sculpture, and I soon realised that, as with anything that is charming, a single view is incapable of capturing the whole picture. Owl I (Stretching a wing) was my first creation as part of the Little Owl series. I began away from how we usually characterise little owls. They are often depicted as shrewd, but I wanted to capture their strength and their vigour.

“Showborough House Sculpture Garden: The People’s Prize is awarded every year to the sculptor whose work attracts the most votes from visitors to the exhibition. In 2012 it was  jointly awarded to Marie Shepherd for her Little Owl I.”

The Little Owl is a bronze resin, the base is oak.

Depth : 17cm x Height: 25cm x Width: 25cm

Depth: 7″ x Height: 10″ x Width: 10″   approx.

Weight: 1 kg approx.

The edition is limited to 50.

If you are interested in buying this sculpture, please contact me.